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Throughout more than a century of community banking and five generations of family leadership, Adams Bank & Trust has rested on a key tenet: relationships. Building strong relationships with our customers is vital to understanding each unique circumstance, earning trust, and creating a road map to long-term financial success.

Our bankers see themselves as partners in your financial journey. They are a resource for advice and solutions and can help guide you through the ebb and flow of the economy. When you bank with us, “you have the expertise of your local bankers, as well as the expertise of the Adams family, standing behind you,” said our CEO, Todd Adams.

SVP of Commercial Banking, Matt Kirchoff, brings this emphasis on relationship banking to each business he works with. He relishes the opportunity to contribute to Colorado Springs’ continued growth and development by participating with companies like Overdrive.


Overdrive owner, Jennifer Mundle, found AB&T after years of working with larger national banks. From the very beginning, she has been impressed by the level of service and personal touch present at each interaction.

“We had been overlooked by so many banks without so much as a phone call, but Adams Bank & Trust made us feel like family,” said Jennifer.

Jennifer and Overdrive COO, James Mundle, felt seen and understood by the AB&T team. “They actually took the time to listen to our personal story. It wasn’t all about numbers and figures, but about what our company is and who we are as people,” Jennifer shared. As economic changes presented hurdles for their business, Overdrive always felt that they could reach out to Matt and trust they were getting the best financial advice.

Adams Bank & Trust helped Jennifer see the big picture as they worked through the business loan consolidation process. “This partnership allowed Overdrive to increase our profit margin by 15% in 2022,” said Jennifer. “It feels very personal, like you are calling a family member to discuss business.”

“We felt like your bank was a partner in our business. All of our relationships, from the top down, provided us with the comfort we needed to feel secure during all of the economic changes we’ve seen since our relationship began,” said Jennifer.

Your bank should be a trusted partner in your financial journey. At Adams Bank & Trust, we focus on building relationships in order to be just that.

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