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Password security could save you from being a victim.

Cybersecurity Tips & Recommendations

Password Security

Managing your online passwords with your web browser can be risky. Hackers continue to develop ways around the security measures of browser-based password managers. While using your web browser's password manager to remember your login information seems convenient, it may be providing you with a false sense of security.
Recently, we've seen even some of the top-rated password managers fall victim to breaches. It is our recommendation to avoid the temptation and utilize more traditional means of remembering your passwords and login information. The minor inconvenience of occasionally resetting a password is far-outweighed by the risk of having all of your login information compromised.
Securing your passwords is just the beginning. Following simple password security tips will keep your passwords secure and out of the hands of potential hackers.
  • Use passwords and PIN codes on mobile devices: Your mobile device has a lot of personal information on it. In the wrong hands, all of that information can be accessed instantly.
  • Make your passwords complex: Include numbers, symbols, uppercase letters, and lowercase letters. Doing so makes it difficult for hackers to figure out your passwords.
  • Avoid using personal information: Obvious personal information can easily be figured out by hackers. Avoid using birthdates, your name, family members names, etc.
  • Do not use the same password for multiple sites: If one of your passwords gets compromised, the hacker could potentially use that same password to get into other applications.
  • Change your passwords every 4-6 months: Frequently updating your passwords makes it more difficult for fraudsters to get a hold of your personal information.

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