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One-Stop Mortgage Lending

Interest rates for fixed-rate mortgages have never been lower. Adams Bank & Trust president of consumer banking Julie Piepho says the historically low rate environment is good news for homebuyers, and a community bank like AB&T is the best place to explore the possibilities.

"These rates are opening the door to an incredible number of new opportunities," Julie says. "Because we're truly a one-stop shop for mortgage lending, we're uniquely positioned to help educate and serve homebuyers.

Not surprisingly, there is more focus than ever on improving, buying, and building homes. Julie says, "People have been spending more time at home than usual, and they're really nesting. If they're renting, they're realizing these rates would make it cheaper to buy and build equity. That's where we can come in with a whole array of loan options."

AB&T is one of the few banks to offer everything from lot and contstruction loans to bridge loans.

Step one is always a personal consultation with a mortgage loan officer. Customers can begin the process with the online application at anytime day or night, and the loan officer will follow up to arrange the meeting. This can be conducted entirely over the phone, or the customer can choose to sit down in person. "We'll work with you however you're most comfortable." Julie says. "We want to understand the big picture of your financial goals and timelines. For example, our recommendations are going to be different if you're looking a home to live in less than five years versus your forever dream home."

A Relationship Bank for a World of Options

AB&T's personal approach is especially helpful for first-time homebuyers. "There are far more choices than the traditional 30-year fixed rate mortgage with a 20% down payment that everyone thinks of," says Julie. "You may be able to get into the home with as little as 3% down with an FHA loan. Or you may qualify for a conventional mortgage with only 10% down. If you have a relative who is able to help with the down payment, that may help, too. We'll show you different investments for down payments and monthly payments to help you choose the best solution."

Building a home from scratch is a dream for many people, but the financing flexibility they need can be difficult to find. "AB&T is one of the few banks in our markets that is willing to offer everything from lot and construction loans to bridge loans," Julie says. "Maybe you've financed the lot and construction of your new home with us, but your old home hasn't sold yet. Or maybe you're buying a new home but want to keep your first home as a rental property. If qualifications are met, we're able to put it in a bridge loan. We can wrap everything up in a total package that makes it much more convenient and beneficial for the customer."

An Unprecedently Low Rate Environment

Many homeowners are opting to use the unprecedented low interest rates to refinance their homes. Julie says, "Refinancing might allow you to lower your monthly payment or reduce your mortgage term. Maybe you want to take cash out for home improvements or for some other purpose, like a child's education." She adds that there are many other services under AB&T's roof in addition to mortgage loans. "We can help with deposit accounts, trust services, wealth management, and insurance needs as well."

In the end, Julie says it is the bank's goal to set the stage for each customer's financial success. "We can truthfully say we're relationship-oriented in a way that online-only or big box lenders simply are not. We're interested in you. We want to make that personal connection and find out how we can best help you achieve your goals."

Julie Piepho

Julie Piepho


consumer banking

Fort Collins, CO

NMLS #207274

A 40-year veteran of the mortgage industry, Julie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her role as President of Consumer Banking at Adams Bank & Trust.

She was recently installed as Vice President of the Board of Governors of the Colorado Mortgage Lenders Association (CMLA). Julie has received numerous awards from CMLA, including the E. Michael Rosser Lifetime Achievement Award and the Everett C. Spelman Award for Mortgage Lender of the Year. She has been recognized by Housing Wire as a Woman of Influence, by the Northern Colorado Business Report as a Woman of Distinction and by the Colorado Women of Influence as a Woman of Vision. MBA recognized her with their highest award, the Andrew D. Woodward Distinguished Award, in 2018. Julie has been quoted in several books on mortgage banking.

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