Don't be a victim of Fraud

Watch out for these signs.

In the recent months you've probably seen the ability of fraudsters to mask their phone numbers as local, trusted phone numbers. Unfortunately, even business phone numbers are not safe from these schemes. If you receive a call appearing to be from Adams Bank & Trust, letting you know there has been fraud on your account, be aware of these warning signs before sharing any account details or personal information:

  1. You receive the call outside the hours of 8:00am - 9:00pm (local time, based on your phone number). Our Fraud Department doesn't call outside of these hours.
  2. You receive a call from our Fraud Department immediately following your potential fraud alert text message. Our Fraud Department waits 15 minutes after sending you the text message before attempting to reach you via phone.
  3. The person calling you instructs you to reply YES to a potential fraud text you recently received from Adams Bank & Trust (37-268). We will never instruct you to do this if the transaction is not yours because it closes the fraud case for your card, keeping it open for all transactions, which ultimately leaves your card vulnerable to additional fraudulent charges.
  4. The person calling you wants to verify your card information with your PIN number and/or CVV number. Adams Bank & Trust does not store your PIN number or CVV code in our systems. We will never ask you to provide this information; those numbers are private and only used for transaction verification (whether purchases or ATM withdrawals).
  5. If you have inadvertently shared your debit card information or have a suspicion that your card has been compromised, you should access the Adams Bank & Trust app and turn off your debit card using Card Controls immediately. Not an app user? You can also call 800.472.3272 and select option 2 to report your card as lost/stolen so that it is deactivated immediately and we will re-issue a new debit card to you.

Our team at Adams Bank & Trust is constantly working to ensure the security of our customers and their funds. If you have any additional questions or concerns, you can contact your local branch manager or reach out to our support team at or 800.422.3488.

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