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Meet Our Commercial Lending Team

Our experienced commercial bankers are here to match our customers with the best possible product and to provide unparalleled customer service. We will work to make complex purchasing and financing decisions easier and more efficient. We provide world class delivery systems and one-on-one personal service. We've learned a few things during our 100+ years of doing business. Let us put that knowledge to work for you.
You can explore opportunities with one of our bankers at an Adams Bank & Trust branch or by contacting a banker below. To get in touch with a banker in your area, click the "Contact Me" button below the banker you would like to work with. Bankers are listed by state and AB&T branch location.
Not sure which banker is the best fit for you? We're happy to help connect you with the banker in your area who is the best fit for your needs. Complete the contact form below and we will take care of the rest!


Matt Kirchoff
  • Matt Kirchoff
  • Colorado Springs
  • VP - Commercial Banking
Kent Palmer
  • Kent Palmer
  • Colorado Springs
  • EVP - Commercial Banking
Jason Jones
Dave Marcy
  • Dave Marcy
  • Fort Collins
  • SVP - Commercial Banking
Drew Johnson
  • Drew Johnson
  • Fort Collins
  • VP - Commercial Banking
Allison Closson
  • Allison Closson
  • Longmont
  • SVP - Commercial Banking
Curtis Carlson
  • Curtis Carlson
  • Fort Collins
  • VP - Commercial Banking
Mark Schmidt
Maria Miller
  • Maria Miller
  • Colorado Springs
  • Commercial Banker
Boni Sandoval
  • Boni Sandoval
  • Longmont
  • SVP - Commercial Banking
Brad Hugunin
Tyson Miner


Jen Holm
Jessop Adams
Jenni Soper
Ryan Christensen
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